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Surgical Oncology

M.S.( Gen Surg),
M.Ch ( Surg Onco) FICS, FMAOS

6 Years of Experience


  • Breast Conservation Surgery
  • Minimal Access Gynec Onco Surgery
  • Sphincter Sparing Rectal Surgeries
  • Limb Sparing Musculo Skeletal Surgeries
  • Complex Head And Neck Surgeries And Rec Instructions
  • Uro Oncology


  • Full Time

Best Surgical Oncology Unit in Madurai

A cancer diagnosis can be scary, especially if you are uncertain of the treatment and care available. Preethi Hospital ensures you are in safe hands. Our Division of Surgical Oncology provides advanced cancer care, offering a team of experienced surgeons specializing in head and neck cancers, breast cancer, gastrointestinal malignancies including, urological cancers, and bone and soft tissue tumours. We focus on giving our patients a personalized approach and assurance that all your needs are taken care of. Preethi Hospitals deliver the best cancer care in Madurai.
At Preethi Hospitals, surgical oncologists collaborate with other doctors and clinicians in a multidisciplinary team to combine surgery with other therapies and procedures necessary for the patient’s holistic plan including, nutritionists, physical therapists, and naturopathic practitioners.
Cancer surgery is typically a consideration for most cancer types, while it may not always be the sole therapeutic option. Surgery would need to be considered by an oncologist, along with other therapies such as radiation and chemotherapy.
Surgical Oncology Procedures
Different surgical procedures are employed in the management of cancer.
Our 50-bed intensive care unit at Preethi Hospital is outfitted with cutting-edge medical technology, making it a vital component in meeting the requirements of patients from various backgrounds. Our ICU is one of the best in Madurai because of our skilled staff nurses and qualified intensivists who are available 24×7. We put our best efforts to support all specialities and produce excellent results.

Open surgery: Using this approach, a significant incision must be made on the affected body area to access and remove the malignant cells.

Cryosurgery: Abnormal tissues and cancer tumours will be removed through extremely cold temperatures such as liquid nitrogen, carbon dioxide or argon.

Robotic surgery: This is the outcome of medical technology application. A robot that the surgeon controls via a monitor can utilize for risky operations. This helps the surgeon access areas of the body that are challenging for them and require a steady touch.

Laparoscopy surgery: In this method, a laparoscope, a device with a camera, will insert by the surgeon through tiny incisions. By doing so, the operation may perform accurately without the need for an open procedure. It is also known as keyhole surgery or endoscopic surgery with quick recovery time.

Laser surgery: Here, cancer cells will destroy by laser beams. Additionally, precancerous cells are also eliminated by laser surgery.

Preethi Hospital has expert physicians, who provide excellent care to patients with solid tumours, combined with adjuvant treatments. It includes advanced oncology operations, focused on providing timely and accurate diagnoses to patients in need of care. Our mission is to ensure that each patient receives the best possible treatment with improved survival rates and quality of life for every patient.

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