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Blood Bank

Blood Transfusion services are a vital part of any health care system.
Increasing Advancement in the field of Transfusion Medicine has necessitated enforcing measures to ensure the quality of Blood and its products.
Blood safety & transfusion safety depends upon the coordinated linkage of many processes from Donor selection to Transfusion.
We Preethi Hospital Blood Bank, established on 16/07/2018, are licensed to operate a blood bank for the collection, storage and processing of whole human Blood and/or its components for sale or distribution.
All activities related to the transfusion of Blood / Blood components are following the Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1945 issued by the Government of India, NACO guidelines. Blood transfusion is often a lifesaving procedure.
The objective of our blood transfusion service is to deliver effective, safe, specific blood/blood components to the right patient at the right time, meeting patients’ needs.
  • We are committed to continuous improvement of our blood transfusion services with strict adherence to ethical standards.
  • We are also committed to providing safe, appropriate and good quality blood and blood components round the clock to all patients as per the Quality Standards and latest development in the field of Transfusion Medicine, ensuring the availability of blood products to any patient in our hospital and our state during emergency and disaster.
  • we aim to collect blood from voluntary blood donors and to achieve 100% VBD.
  •  To provide rational use of blood components and to give training to all Clinicians regarding the same.