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Dr U.Duraiyarassu

MBBS, MD Anaesthesia, DNB Anaesthesia, PDF (Cardiac and Neuro Anesthesia)

Dr Duraiyarassu U is a Cardiac and Neuro Anesthesia Critical Care Consultant who holds the following degrees: MBBS, MD Anesthesia, DNB Anesthesia, and PDF (Cardiac and Neuro Anesthesia). He has six years of experience, and his area of expertise is dealing with patients that need both cardiac and neurocritical care in addition to general critical care. Dr Duraiyarassu holds an M.D. in Anesthesia with a University Gold Medal and has given his extensive expertise to 5 publications. A consultant anesthesiologist with training in cardiac and neuro anesthesia as well as expertise in critical care.


  • Gold Medal M.D Anesthesia
  • 5 Publications

Area of Expertise

  • Critical care
  • Anesthesia service
  • Cardiac and Neuro  anesthesia
  • Hospital infection control committee

Consulting Day & Time

  • Full Time

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