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“Our facility provides hemodialysis services around-the-clock under the direction of nephrologists, who are specialists in the procedure”

Best Dialysis Hospital in Madurai

Preethi Hospital offers a comprehensive range of treatments and amenities, including the management of end-stage renal failure. Our facility provides hemodialysis services around-the-clock under the direction of nephrologists, who are specialists in the procedure.
Dialysis is a treatment used when the kidneys cease functioning correctly to eliminate waste and extra fluid from circulation. Your body can accumulate waste materials and fluid in harmful amounts. This can result in a variety of unpleasant symptoms and can be deadly if left untreated. Before this occurs, dialysis performs the kidney function to remove toxic wastes and fluids from the blood.
Thus, every session of hemodialysis helps in,
  • Eliminating excess water, salt, and waste from the body to avoid their accumulation.
  • Helping with blood pressure management
  • Maintaining an acceptable blood level for substances including potassium, sodium, and bicarbonate.
Types of Dialysis
  • Haemodialysis: Blood is diverted into an external machine for haemodialysis, where it filters before returning to the body.
  • Peritoneal dialysis: During peritoneal dialysis, a dialysis fluid pumps into the area inside your abdomen to remove waste from blood passing through vessels lining, inside of the abdomen.
Our hospital has facilities to handle all emergency and 24-hour ICU dialysis facilities, Hemodialysis, Peritoneal dialysis, Double filtration plasmapheresis and CVVH and CVVHD. The unit is supported by a full-fledged lab and radiological services. All facilities for central catheterisation, AV fistula and major surgeries requiring post-op dialysis can be undertaken in the connected theatre. Every dialysis process performs with consideration for the patient’s physical and psychological well-being.
Our dialysis unit uses a new dialyzer for each therapy for better clinical outcomes and reduces the chances of infection and cross-contamination. The dialysis sessions will be customized for each patient and sessions will be tailor-made to them accordingly. We have a world-class, qualified team headed by a Nephrologist involving trained dialysis technicians and nutritionists. We regularly monitor water quality and follow top-notch infection control protocols. We aim to make every dialysis session a comfortable and pleasant experience.

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