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Modular Operation Theatres

Our hospital is equipped with futuristic modular operating theatres
  • Seven modular operation theatres
  • Laminar airflow system in all the OTs
  • Hi-tech smart stryker lights with inbuilt cameras for live surgical demonstration
  • Fully equipped arthroscopy set with stryker scope, shavers, and underwater diathermy
  • Fully equipped laparoscopy instruments for abdominal laparoscopy and laparoscopic-assisted hysterectomies
  • Carl Zeiss operating microscope for microscopic cervical and lumbar dissections, neurosurgery, and microvascular reconstructive surgery

C-ARM Siemens (Cios-Select)

Our modular operation theatre is equipped with a first-of-its-kind high-resolution C-arm for intraoperative surgical imaging and offers several benefits.
  • Sharp images at high resolution and low doses with advanced CCD cameras and optics combined with ideal dose management
  • Radiation-free, precise C-arm positioning with integrated laser light localizer on image intensifier

Clinical Application

  • Ortho-trauma and spine surgery
  • Basic vascular surgery
  • Lithotripsy
  • Endourology