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Dr M. Gowri Shankar


The Preethi Hospital’s ENT department is headed by Dr M. Gowri Shankar, an MBBS, MS (ENT), and gold medalist. With seven years of experience, Dr M. Gowri Shankar is an expert in otolaryngology, base skull operations, and voice and swallowing difficulties. Additionally, he is skilled in ossiculoplasty, mastoidectomy, septoplasty, stapedectomy, and tympanoplasty. His areas of expertise in laryngology include voice and swallowing, base skull surgeries, otology, and rhinology, including skull base. He also concentrates on head and neck, cancer, and sleep surgery.


  • Gold Medalist

Area of Expertise

  • Voice and Swallowing, Base skull Surgeries, Otology
  • Otology, rhinology including skull base, laryngology with special interests in head and neck
  • Malignancy and sleep surgery.

Consulting Day & Time

  • Monday to Saturday: 10 am to 2 pm

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