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Dr U.P.Udhayavel

DNB (Anaesthesia)

Dr Udhayavel U.P. is an anaesthesiologist with three years of expertise. He obtained his DNB in Anaesthesiology .He has experience in managing complex and high-risk surgical procedures. He is an expert at handling Accidents and emergencies, Mechanical ventilation and critically ill patients.

Years of Experience

  • 3 Years

Area of Expertise

  • Experience of handling anaesthesia for more than 150+ renal transplant patient .Have experience of assisting few liver transplant patients.
  • Experience in Anaesthesia for robotic surgeries, Walking epidural for labour mothers.
  • Experience of handling high risk patients undergoing surgery such as Whiles procedure, Arthroplasty,Aneurysm repair and so on…

Consulting Day & Time

  • Full Time

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