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Myths and Facts about Knee Replacement

Myths and Facts about Knee Replacement

Myths and Facts about Knee Replacement

Knee replacement surgery is a big decision that can improve the quality of life for many people with debilitating joint pain. While the thought of any type of surgery may make some people hesitant, it is important to know the facts about knee replacement to make an informed decision.
Below is a list of the most heard myths by patients concerning knee replacement surgery:
Myth 1: Bending the knee will be difficult after the Knee replacement surgery.

Fact: Following the surgery, you should be able to move your knees without issue. Your post-operative range of motion will be dependent on how much flexibility was present before the operation.
Myth 2: Knee replacement surgery is only an option for adults and not for younger children.

Fact: It is not a necessity to be an adult to receive surgery; younger patients can also have knee replacement surgery if necessary.

Myth 3: Knee replacement surgery is painful and recovery takes a long time.

Fact: New advances in technology have made knee replacements less invasive and recovery times are much shorter than they used to be.  Additionally, patients often report significant pain relief during their recovery journey.


Myth 4: The risk of failure following knee replacement surgery is high.

Fact: Infection is the only risk of the entire procedure. There is a 2% possibility of contracting an infection. Each center has the same level of risk.


Myth 5: My knee replacement surgery prevents me from driving.

Fact: That is a myth. Driving becomes simple because it is not one of the jobs that put pressure on the knee. Most patients are cleared to start driving again between 6 and 8 weeks post-surgery.


Myth 6: Following surgery, regular physiotherapy is required, and recovery time is prolonged.

Fact: Most patients do not require a physiotherapist. Following a replacement, patients are instructed by their doctors on how to exercise, and they are required to practice at home. Most of the patients begin using a walker the day after surgery.


Myth 7: Surgery is not an option for people 65 years and older.

Fact: The surgery can be performed on people of any age. Even after the age of 65, you can have knee replacement surgery because this is when cartilage damage starts to develop.


Myth 8: I have both diabetes and high blood pressure. As a result, I cannot have knee replacement surgery.

Fact: Diabetes or high blood pressure is no longer a barrier to knee replacement surgery. Before the surgery, the patients are diagnosed by the doctor and given medications. They are given anesthetic medication before the procedure. Knee replacement is easily possible if the diagnosis report indicates that it is necessary.


Myth 9: Knee replacement surgeries cannot be performed on both knees at the same time.

Fact: Multiple benefits can be obtained from having both knees operated on simultaneously. You only need to go to the hospital once, and your recovery will be quick because both knees will be pain-free after the surgery.


Myth 10: Surgery has a very low rate of success.

Fact: A knee replacement is an effective treatment for worn or diseased knees. People who have this surgery can go about their daily lives comfortably and without pain.  Many patients who undergo knee replacement surgery succeed most of the time.

Knees are an integral part of our daily lives. Unfortunately, age, injury, and various other factors can cause knee issues that require replacement to alleviate pain and improve mobility. If you or a loved one are in need of knee replacement surgery, Preeti Hospital is the ideal choice. 
Preeti Hospital has a dedicated team of experienced orthopedic surgeons who have performed numerous successful knee replacements in both primary and revision surgeries. Our surgeons utilize the latest surgical techniques using only approved implants so that you get maximum long-term benefits from your procedure. If you want a better quality of life after your knee replacement surgery then choose Preeti Hospital. To find out more about what sets Preeti Hospital apart from other orthopedic centers when it comes to knee replacement surgery, visit our website today!

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